The aroma space of EssènciesCat is unique in the world.

We vibrate with the essences, plants, cello and voice, incorporating the poetry of Baroque music and the essence of plants into the body, imagination and spirit.

A three-hour workshop ‘on site’; In the forest, in the field, in the sun, in the shade, with listening, air and essences.

Frances uses the language of music to bring us closer to listening and interacting with plants. We enter a symbolic world, without words, with all our senses alert and attentive to the movement and energy that surrounds us.

Guest reviews:

“A delight, the energy you give off, the place, the essences. A unique and immersive experience. I loved it because we use all our senses.”

“One of the most unique workshops I’ve ever experienced. Frances is a light and bright woman. She has a gift for creating a holistic experience, weaving together the different ways to connect: music, meditation, essences, legend, ritual and more. All presented in a balanced rhythm; a dance of elements that has helped me connect with the tree outside and inside me.”

“A wonderful space in good company where the poetry of the trees and our interaction with them is explored in multiple dimensions.”

“I didn’t think anything for three hours! It’s a miracle!”

“There is time and space Chiros” and “Everything is easy because I am always welcome.”

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