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Frances Bartlett is a musician and over the years of embracing the cello has become like a tree. Oriole, because of the power of words, often transforms into a bird, not yellow like the oriole, but white, like light.

One of his adventures is called Cat Essences. The cypress, the mint, the cadmium, the semper viva, the orange and the lavender… they leave everything they are not until there is nothing left. It remains… the essence.

Immense grass fields where plants grow from seed to flower. Then they harvest them, distill them and become something very pure that is dosed with droppers: the essence is as small as a drop and its range as large as an echo.

Ephemeral architecture of herbs, the Aromas space blurs the border between spirit, nature and experience. The space of Aromas is a moment where you are there and it is also a time that you are. It is a space to be there, to be.

Each aroma and each plant has a different proposal, a universe of emotion, of healing information.
The Aroma Space is not a talk or a workshop. It will be more like a moment in the garden after watering, on a summer afternoon. Or like a gorge where you arrive and bathe. Or like a forest you enter; a brief experience like a whiff.

We don’t really know what it’s going to be like, so that’s why it’s exciting: it’s an experiment; we invite you

Text by Clara Garí, La Nau Côclea 2018

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