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EssènciesCat is a small family run business set in the picturesque Empordà region of North Eastern Catalonia where the foothills of the Pyranese collapse into the Sea. It’s here, in this unique Mediterranean environmnet of wild forests, open hillsides, flowering verges and windy clifftops where such a wealth of medicinal plants is sourced.

Our proucts are 100% natural, 100% local, 100% organic and 100% hand crafted, containing all the plant’s properties that we need to treat our mental and physical health, balance and wellbeing. Each step of the distillery process is gently moulded by our hands, from planting the seeds to the harvest, following the  biodynamic calender, to the distillation and bottling.

From time immemorial, plants, and later essential oils and hidrolates have effectly treated all conditions and diseases that afflict the human race.

At EssènciesCat, we want to share our passion for plants, in whatever form:

fresh, in tinctures, hidrolates and essential oils for every day use for all the family rather than as luxury items.

An Essential Community

EssènciesCat is passionate about our community, health and cultural: We believe that a profound sustainable working relationship with our environment creates better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

EssènciesCat hopes to give each of us a deeper understanding of our personal physical, emotional and spiritual needs and how to meet them with fresh plants, tinctures, macerated oils, hidrolates and essential oils.

We offer natural therapy from psychologist and founder of EssènciesCat, Oriol Blanch to individuals and families.

We  offer an “Aroma Space” with baroque cello music performed by Frances Bartlett, founder of EssènciesCat, with a creative essential oil experience. (Please see our blog for details)

We welcome visits from primary and secondary schools, covering a wide syllabus of learning from the basics of aromatherapy to building insect homes from recycled material.

EssènciesCat is a family run enterprise, run by the couple Oriol Blanch (Barcelona) and Frances Bartlett (England).

We are set in the middle of fantastic cycling and walking circuits, from 1 km to much longer and right next door to an historic Iberic Settlement.

EssènciesCat is 15 minutes from Figueres, 20 minutes from the Costa Brava, 30 minutes from Girona, 40 minutes from Olot, and 1.5 hours from Barcelona.

Ubicació a Pontós

Meet our team

Our workers, producers of raw material and services are all contracted within our village of Pontós or neighbouring area.

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