After the heat and dryness of summer, plants are stressed and full of active components that have made them not only survive, but live with a vigor that we can capture with the science of distillation.
Come and discover two plants with unique properties thatare little known and very powerful: the Inula / Dittrichia viscose / Olivarda
and Inula / Dittrichia graveolens / Olivardeta.
With us you can experience distillation,
receive detailed information about the plant and the entire extraction process,
participate in an olfactory meditation with live music
and make a tasting of essences and hydrolates handmade 100% pure from Pontós.
If you are interessad@s to participate in the harvest of the plant, contact us and we will offer a discount on the day.
The harvest days are: September 27 and October 5.
If you want to stay overnight in Pontós, you can! We collaborate with two local businesses:
HOLIDAY CAMP, CA N’OLIVER : You can walk from Ca n’Oliver to the distillery in 10 minutes.
1 room / person / couple / family
Includes bunk beds with bottom sheet, top, blanket, pillow with pillowcase already on.
Bring your personal hygiene utensils.
Sleep: 17€ person/night
Bed and breakfast 22€ adult / night, 18€ child / night : Helena: Mov: 600 515837

CASA BÀSCARA : Rural tourism house in the neighboring village.

5 rooms at 120€ per double room.

Both prices include breakfast., Book:

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