Prana Yoga and the Essence of Three Wise Trees; three workshops with Sònia Isart

Feel the movements of energy in our body, and use the energy and essence of three wise trees to feel more connected with nature and let it help us delve deeper into these vital aspects of our being.
Use essential oils and hydrolates as healing tools and strengthen it with a moving work that drinks from the ancient science of yoga.

“In a conversation with Frances Bartlett, where she told me about the different energetic qualities of these three trees that she had been observing, that she had distilled with Oriol Blanch in EssènciesCat, and that had inspired her to do some musical workshops to channel these energies, I realized that these same qualities are what I worked on at the level of vayus or movements and functions of energy in our body following the teachings of yoga. The conversation became fascinating and at that very moment the idea of these three workshops was born, the first dedicated to white pine, the second to the cadec and the last to the cypress tree.” – Sonia

Each of these three trees has a different energy:

In the WHITE PINE the vertical energy, of absorbing and letting go, ascending and descending, from the inside out and from the outside inward (what yogis call prana and apana), to combat lung pain, sadness, loneliness, fatigue, depression, anxiety; and to strengthen the immune system.
In the CADEC the energy of concentration and assimilation and that of expansion and distribution (samana and vyana). To combat skin problems, self-esteem, to know how to set limits, to empower ourselves, to set those changes we make, to become aware of who we are, anti-inflammatory, for joint pain, for the circulatory and lymphatic system, for the balance between inside and outside.
And in the CYPRESS the energy of transformation and spiritual ascension (udhana). Energetic movement of consciousness elevation and transformation. To help us in times of mourning and welcome new stages, he accompanies us in moments of transition and helps us reach states of peace. A great coagulator and healing, it is the tree of constant movement, like life itself that is impermanent.

There will be three workshops with yoga, essences, movement, breathing, listening, music, knowledge of the tree, hiking in nature and much more.

The workshops will be held at the Rhizoma Healing Arts Center in Pontós.
Each workshop is independent and you can choose which workshop suits you at that time, depending on the aroma-therapeutic qualities of its essential oils or hydrolates, or you can decide to do all three to close the circle.

Of the workshop of the three wise trees dedicated to pine and the energies of absorption and loosening they say: “We have enjoyed a new approach to our forest and all its essence captured in drops of oils and healing hydrolates. They have filled us with music, voice… Unfiltered sounds, the rubbing of the string that becomes art and yoga, which when practiced predisposes us to listening. A very special morning, there is a lot to enjoy. We’ll be back!”

If you want to stay overnight in Pontós, you can! We collaborate with two local businesses:

CASA DE COLÒNIES, CA N’OLIVER : You can walk from Ca n’Oliver to the distillery in 10 minutes.
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Bring your personal hygiene utensils.
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